Meet our Ethos Explorers

Our pupils were so inspired by four South Cumbrian Schools who led Church School Vision and Values Conference in June 2019, that our pupils have established themselves as 'Ethos Explorers' to formalise their supportive roles in school.

Their purpose and range of roles is evolving and includes preparing and setting up our daily act of Collective Worship and helping to resource our Reflection and Prayer spaces in and around school. As well as regularly planning, preparing and leading worship within school, they have also led worship at our parish lent lunch for our local congregation and parishioners. 

Our Ethos Exploring children's main focus last year has been to further explore our school core Christian Values that underpin and enhance our School Vision so that they can lead an 'Experience Values' Conference within our School; with our parents and Governors; and to offer this experience to other local schools and the Diocese. Each group of Ethos Explorers has taken time to deepen their own understanding of a value, including researching Biblical links; choosing a school hymn that reflects the value; photographing how this value is shown in our daily school life; exploring which Christian Values link to our core values; and creating a reflection and response through crafts, prayer or meditation. 

To support the development of our Ethos Explorers, we have introduced our Ethos Explorers Award which is open to all pupils across school. There is a bronze, silver and gold award to work towards that develop both worship leadership and personal spiritual development. Details are given below. 

Bronze Award

Silver Award

Gold Award

Would you like to become an Ethos Explorer? 
Speak to your class teacher or Mrs Batey. 

Would you like to show and celebrate how you develop spiritually and as a Collective Worship leader?
Simply show your skills and knowledge in action within our Collective Worship. Ask to lead the next Pupil Led Collective Worship.

Bronze Award