Class 2 - Year 2 & 3

Class 2 is where we have amazing learning in English, Maths and Virtues from our Year 2's and Year 3's.

We currently have 13 children in the class, so you can imagine how much fabulous learning goes on!

Mrs Batey is our teacher and she likes us to have fun as well as achieving our best in everything that we do. There is nowhere to hide when she's about, which means that we always join in and do great learning. We are making fantastic progress this year, challenging Mrs Batey to really deepen our learning!

We are mastering skills and like to keep practising to ensure that we can recall facts and use them effectively in our daily work. Homework plays a part in this. We each have access to online learning in class and some at home too, where we can complete homework and extend our learning further.

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