Links with Other Schools

We work closely with other school groups for the benefit of our pupils, staff, parents and wider community. We are active members of:

  • William Howard Secondary School - where most of our children move on to. Primary Liaison - We have good links which provide support for transition to Year 7 from as early as Year 5. Our children can also attend the Year 6 transition nurture group.  PLT - We buy in the sports services of their PLT to help facilitate sporting festivals and competitions for all ages of our children throughout the year. 
  • LISSH - A local Church of England Primary School group of six schools that work together to develop our Christian ethos. We organise an annual RE Week, often a fortnight, based on different themes that culminates in a joint school service for each key stage to celebrate and share learning from our theme. 
  • BASC - Brampton Area School Cluster - We are a large group of primary schools that work together to share information and work collaboratively to support and improve children's learning and teaching as well as leadership of each institution. 
  • LIGHT - A group of six small schools that work together to offer support and professional development for teaching staff and leaders; curriculum development; assessment standardisation and moderation; and most importantly, planned opportunities for our children to participate in colloborative events like shared residential visits, sporting events, picnics, transition days, 'Life Bus' PSHE education days and much, much more. 
  • Diocese Peer Support Group - We are working closely with C of E Primary schools throughout Cumbria who are also actively engaged with a National Pilot Project Group exploring how Christian Values permeate our schools and enhance our pupils' learning.