Attending school every day is essential to help your child to learn and develop in line with their peers. Missing a day or more of school can cause unnecessary anguish and upset for children: not only are they missing out on lessons which may make learning more difficult for your child when they return, but they may also miss out on special events and social aspects of learning and development. 

Please see our calendar of events to take note of times when absence from school is strictly prohibited, for example during May and June for Statutory Assessments. Please help us to respect these periods as they are for the benefit of your children and their learning. 

When you make routine medical appointments, please make them out of school hours, in holidays or after 3:30pm. 

If your child does require time off from school, please read the school policy first then complete and return the form below before arranging a meeting with Mrs Batey to discuss the absence, preferably at least one month in advance. 

Please complete this form for ALL absences other than illness. 

The Absence request form above has been added for your convenience, we require a completed form for every request for absence in school time.

Illness and Medical Advice

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