Joining our School

We are a small, thriving family school. With a 'Pupil Admission Number' of 8 pupils per year group, and occasionally more if requested, this allows us to provide high quality, creative, personalised education for every individual child that we have in our school in ideal class sizes. Together we, all of the adults and children, work very closely getting to know each other's personalities, abilities, interests and sense of humour - we make school fun and challenging for everyone, as happiness is a priority in our school vision! Seeing each child smile with pride is the best reward for us.

We invite you to come along for a visit to see this for yourself. Please contact the school office to arrange an appointment at any time of year, for any age of pupil.

To apply for a place at our school, please complete the relevant age form and return it to school, preferably before the closing date to secure your place. If a closing date has passed, please do contact school as we organise our own admissions.

Dates for primary and secondary application closing dates are the same each year:

  • For starting school in Reception September, the closing date will be 15 January.
  • For transfer to secondary school in September, the closing date will be 31 October.

Nursery dates are as follows:

Born Between Entry Date Application Closing Date
01/04 – 31/08 September, Start of Autumn Term 24 March
01/09 – 31/12 January, Start of Spring Term 22 September
01/01 – 31/03 Start of Summer Term 13 January


For our school forms, please click here.