Ofsted and SIAMs

OfSTED - April 2024

What a brilliant way to celebrate Shankhill’s 150th Anniversary year!
We are delighted and extremely proud to be able to share the report from our ungraded Ofsted inspection on 26 March 2024. 
We are thrilled that the Quality of Education, Safeguarding, Character Development and overall care and education from Early Years to Year 6 have been recognised as continuing to be good, but also deemed to be OUTSTANDING. However to award this grade, Ofsted plan to re-visit Shankhill to do a full graded inspection within one to two years. The report states:

There has been no change to this school’s overall judgement of good as a result of this ungraded (section 8) inspection. However, the evidence gathered suggests that the inspection grade might be outstanding if a graded (section 5) inspection were carried out now. The school’s next inspection will be a graded inspection.”
This is the best possible outcome that could have been achieved!

The report reads brilliantly and reflects Shankhill’s Vision, Values and Virtues, describing clearly what life in Shankhill is like for pupils aged 3-11; for staff and volunteer governors as well.

Together, we are thrilled that Ofsted has observed that ‘Pupils flourish at this welcoming and ambitious school.’ In numerous sections within the report, pupils are described as ‘particularly impressive’, ‘knowledgeable’ with ‘Pupils’ behaviour in classrooms, around school and at playtimes is exemplary.’

Also that…‘Pupils follow a very well thought-out curriculum which helps them to achieve highly.’ and ‘Pupils’ enjoyment of learning is a key factor in their high attendance at school’.

We feel incredibly fortunate to work with such amazing children and such talented, experienced and dedicated staff and governors. We also want to thank all of our parents, carers and other family members for their ongoing support with their children’s learning, attendance and of the school community as a whole. 

The process was very thorough and of course took the views of parents, carers, staff and pupils into consideration alongside observing teaching, social times and all aspects of our day to day safeguarding and practice. The report captures much of the flavour of our verbal feedback from the inspection HMI lead at the end of the inspection day, but not all.

We really were overwhelmed to hear the inspectors’ descriptions of what they had experienced with us and how impressed they were with the entire team’s dedication to ensuring that ‘The school’s ambition for all pupils to thrive helps pupils to achieve exceptionally well.’ Ofsted noted that Shankhill has ‘a highly effective curriculum. The school is meticulous in its approach to meet the needs of pupils in its mixed-age classes….Staff are experts…’.

We are rightly proud of the content on this report and how the quality of education and curriculum, alongside personal and character development, and overall learning, respect, dedication and positivity demonstrated by everyone resulted in our school, staff, governors and pupils being described with such complimentary and outstanding vocabulary.

We urge you to take time to read both pages of the report through fully. Alongside this report, the evidence gathered and the feedback directly from the inspectors explained that there are many other accolades and acknowledgements illustrating that our school is currently showing outstanding provision; this puts us on the right track for further success. It is worth noting that the report shows there are no actions under the heading ‘what does the school needs to do better’.

We will continue to provide our outstanding provision, care and happiness so that everyone can continue to flourish in Shankhill School.

As always, we appreciate your feedback and are keen to continue to work together to enable us to be even better and enjoy this happiness. I hope you are as proud as we are at the moment of our Shankhill School, pupils and community. There is certainly a lot to celebrate and share.

Lynnsey Batey 
Head Teacher

SIAMS - December 2021

In December 2021, we received our SIAMS inspection. We are very pleased with the outcomes:

'The school’s Christian vision is lived out daily. This approach makes a significant difference to the lives of those in its community'

OfSTED - December 2018

Shankhill C of E Primary School are very proud to share the positive outcomes of our Ofsted inspection which took place on Tuesday, 18th December 2018. The Section 8, one day, inspection which was rather unexpected during the final week before Christmas, provided our pupils, staff and governors with a chance to shine and share the many high quality aspects of our school with the HMI inspector during his visit. Everyone found the inspection was a positive and productive experience. We are rightly proud of our children, parents, staff, governors and community that all contribute towards the joyful school life we have daily at Shankhill. Our report reflects how the inspector appreciated/recognised this too.

The lines of enquiry that were explored during the inspection described the many positive strengths of the school that support and encourage every child to progress and flourish academically, creatively and personally, to be the best they can be.

Feedback from the inspector included elements which were outstanding (e.g. impeccable behaviour; excellent safeguarding, writing and maths are well above other schools in the county and nationally) and so we look forward to continuing our journey to be recognised as an outstanding school. 

Shankhill C of E Primary "School continues to be good. ... maintaining the good quality of education... welcoming and inclusive community....children and pupils care for each other. Their behaviour in lessons and around school is impeccable. ...Staff strive to ensure that pupils are happy, while making education fun and enjoyable."

"Pupils' progress has improved, particularly in writing and mathematics, where it is well above that of other schools nationally."

"Teachers ensure that learning is memorable and that the curriculum captures pupils' interest. Pupils gain a sense of achievement from their lessons, which are supplemented by trips to museums, the theatre and residential visits." 

Ofsted visit during our Ofsted themed nativity play

Please find attached some photos of our Nativity Play 'Tinsel & Tea towels' which brought hilarity to the school community and audiences, as the play was ironically what had actually occurred in school (for real) the day before! Unfortunately, due to this inspection, our photographs were never sent to the CN to be published and so we hope that our children will get the chance to see their own faces in the paper now instead. 

Ofsted arrived at Shankhill C of E Primary School on the morning of Tuesday, 18th December 2018 - the only free day in the week in which to have our dress rehearsal, according to the school calendar. The irony was that the theme for the school play was a school setting where Ofsted inspectors turn up during the School Nativity Play: A theme which Mrs Beattie - our Class 1 teacher - had thought would be hilarious and not tempt fate at all!

So we welcomed two HMI Inspectors to Shankhill and proudly showed them round our happy, caring and well-resourced school. Mrs Batey worked with the lead inspector throughout the morning: visiting lessons that were buzzing with activities; sharing children's work in books and on their vibrant displays; and introducing the children who chatted to the inspector for nearly an hour - "We had so many wonderful things to tell them. We told them about how well teachers help us to learn and make learning exciting so that we remember it. We explained how behaviour is brilliant and how our friendships help us to enjoy our school day and care for each other. We were very proud to tell them about our lovely school."

Following lunch, Mrs Batey welcomed the Governors into school to watch the dress rehearsal before meeting with the inspectors. With very little persuasion at all, the inspectors came in to watch too. The children loved this and our two children who were acting as Ofsted inspectors (Jack Turnbull, age 10 and Daniel McLear, age 9) seized the opportunity to seek pointers on their performances - asking if they were doing ok and for hints to improve. Both inspectors enjoyed sharing their expertise along with a few tips, including to keep their Visitor's Badge clearly visible at all times! 

Our children were thrilled by their visit and it really spurred them on. The next day's performances were excellent. Lily Allen, aged 10, who played the role of Mrs Batey, the headteacher, had to enact the moment when she was told of the inspection by Mrs Vevers our school administrator, played by Sarah Taylor, aged 10. Both girls reactions were marvellous, especially when Lily/Mrs Batey looked exasperated and shell-shocked by the news, to which Sarah/Mrs Vevers replied with "Oh, pull yourself together woman!". We did laugh. 

Mrs Batey's reaction was quite a contrast to this as when she actually received the news of the Ofsted phone call she was sat on a bus in The Sands car park following the school's annual PTA visit to the pantomime. Unable to scream on a bus full of children and adults, she gave a small yelp and took a moment or two to gather her thoughts.

As expected, the inspection found that the quality of education that the school continues to provide is GOOD. The report describes how well the school supports all learners and their families to be the best they can be as a person, a learner and in whatever field their talents and interests lie. Report comments include: 


- How children achieve very highly in end of key stage assessments (SATs), often well above other national schools. 

“The results at the end of key stage 2 in 2018 demonstrate the difference that staff’s actions make. Pupils’ progress has improved, particularly in writing and mathematics, where it was well above that of other schools nationally. Teachers ensure that learning is memorable and that the curriculum captures pupils’ interest.”

- Behaviour, care, inclusive support and safeguarding are outstanding strengths of the school.
“Your compassionate leadership is reflected in the way in which children and pupils care for each other. Their behaviour in lessons and around school is impeccable. A typical comment from a parent who responded to Ofsted’s online survey, Parent View, was that staff ‘strive to ensure that pupils are happy, while making education fun and enjoyable.”

“Pupils gain a sense of achievement from their lessons, which are supplemented by trips to museums, the theatre and residential visits. They display excellent attitudes towards their learning. Governors question and support you effectively in your drive to improve the school further.”

- children are given a wide range of great opportunities through the arts, academia, PE and Sports to flourish as people as well as through improving talents:

“Physical education (PE) and sport funding. The PE leader ensures that this funding is put to good use. Although the school is small, pupils have developed a strong sporting prowess and have won local competitions. They have competed in three county finals in the past 12 months, and came a very close second place in the girls’ cricket competition, having previously won the Carlisle finals. This is a level of success that has not previously been seen at the school. Pupils take part in after-school sports clubs for dance, gymnastics, football, swimming and cross-country. The PE leader tracks the development of pupils’ skills, and he can demonstrate how pupils have progressed.”

“The overview of pupils’ physical development allows staff to identify pupils who have a flair for particular sports. Pupils are aware that they each have individual talents that are nurtured by staff. They understand the need for perseverance to improve their sporting performance.”